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Pantheon Global Services Organization specializes in providing a wide array of software development, consulting and support services. Our technical and business consulting services are organized as specific centers of excellence with exclusive focus on the respective technology solutions and toolsets. Pantheon Services holds primary vendor status with many of the Fortune 100 companies. Our service regions include North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Digital Automation Creates Solutions

If you have a complex web of systems and people working to accomplish your goals, but sometimes it just does not come together, digital automation may be the solution to your problems. Digital automation improves the speed, accuracy, consistency, collaboration and security of processes to solve the complex problems your organization faces today.

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Complex usually means slow. Digital automation speeds work for both systems and people. It reduces the number of steps the person must take, reduces the number of systems the person must use, and speeds the handoffs from person-to-person. Minutes, hours, or more are saved in complex processes.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Accuracy and Consistency.

Accuracy and Consistency

People make mistakes. The more complex a process, and the more people involved in it, the more likely a mistake will happen – unless the people have some help. Digital automation performs series of complex tasks with consistency and guides people to do the right things, in the right order, at the right times, every time.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Collaboration.


It is hard to get everyone working towards the same goal. Digital automation eases person-to-person interactions, by routing forms, issuing reports, conveying requests, sharing vital work information, and enforcing approval chains with ease. Processes can be shared seamlessly by people, across departments, or even with partner organizations.

Image highlighting Odyssey's security and accessibility features.

Security across Devices

Your critical systems are your most vulnerable systems, and any time a person has direct access to that system, there is a security risk. Increase your security by the making workflow the gatekeeper, while still allowing the right people to launch work from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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