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Digital Automation Platform for the Enterprise

Odyssey is an enterprise class platform that provides process automation for IT organizations.

  • Odyssey

    Odyssey is an enterprise class platform that provides digital automation for IT organizations. Odyssey can provide digital automation for change management, content distribution and software build and deployment processes. Odyssey supports most major software languages, Enterprise Information Systems and server technologies.

  • Why Odyssey?

    Because Odyssey was specifically developed to solve the challenges in Release and Change Management, Application Administration Support and Digital Automation. Odyssey integrates with over 300+ technologies and solutions providing unmatched breadth of features and capabilities to solve IT process automation and Workflow process problems.

  • Digital Automation for IT

    Odyssey is a general purpose process management platform that is uniquely suited to support IT work processes. Odyssey currently provides over 300+ Task Agents that interface with a variety of Technologies and vendor solutions. As a process management and workflow system, it is particularly well-suited to automate a variety of IT processes that are unstructured.

Image highlight the diversity of Odyssey's use cases.


It doesn’t matter if it is an IT problem, or it is a human problem that can be solved with IT. With over 300 task agents, and coupled with a powerful and intuitive workflow and form designer, it is no wonder our customers have implemented a large body of diverse solutions with Odyssey.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Configuration Management use case


Automation reliably applies the configuration change to each host in each environment, allowing differences only where designated by the workflow.

Plan your prospective configuration changes in development via Odyssey. Because the automation applies the changes, when the new configuration is transferred to the acceptance environment, and eventually the production environment, every change is accounted for and uniformly applied to dozens or hundreds of servers.

Image highlighting Odyssey's User Change Request use case


Through an Odyssey form, a stakeholder requests a change to a custom application or to an environment.

The system owner begins researching the requested change, investigating the scope, time, expenses, and system impact.

When the basic research is complete, Odyssey routes the analysis with supporting documentation to the Change Review Board. The members comment and accept or reject the change.

The automation enforces the best-practices of approvals and checks-and-balances. No necessary steps are skipped, unless the workflow itself has been designed to allow being over-ridden by the appropriate authorities.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Content Management Workflow use case


Initial content can come from multiple systems, as fully-formed documents or snippets of information that need to be incorporated into a documentation set. Odyssey routes the content for approval to the right stakeholders. If during this process additional changes are made to the content, Odyssey’s workflow archives previous versions, and when necessary the workflow again routes for approval.

When the change is approved, Odyssey locks it down in your source-control to prevent unauthorized changes. The new content is propagated to websites, SharePoint, and via email.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Content Search use case


Odyssey orchestrates indexing both structured and unstructured documents across multiple repositories, and builds a cross-platform index that be searched from Odyssey forms, viewed through the Odyssey platform, or routed to additional people and repositories as indicated by Odyssey workflows. Large collections of data become tied together in a useful and timely manner.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Application Build and Deployment use case


An Odyssey structured workflow ensures absolute consistency in how the application is packaged and deployed in any size environment, even ones with a diverse mix of technologies. The same process that manually took most of a day now takes a fraction of the time with increased reliability.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Knowledge Management use case


A stakeholder poses a question, either directly (through a form or email) or through an intermediary (sales agent, technical contact), and Odyssey brings the question to the attention of a moderator.

If the answer does not already exist in the system, the moderator uses the workflow to guide the question to the appropriate subject matter experts. Those SMEs are in turn notified, contribute, collaborate and decide on the answer.

The answer gets recorded in the system and Odyssey informs all stakeholders that an answer has been found, and either relays the answer directly or directs the stakeholders to the information repository.

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