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Pantheon Global Services Organization specializes in providing a wide array of software development, consulting and support services. Our technical and business consulting services are organized as specific centers of excellence with exclusive focus on the respective technology solutions and toolsets. Pantheon Services holds primary vendor status with many of the Fortune 100 companies. Our service regions include North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Odyssey XI

Image highlighting Odyssey XI

The Next Generation of Business Automation has arrived.

Welcome to the next generation of Business and IT workflow automation with Odyssey XI. Equipped with even more features, new design capabilities, simplified usability and an all-new App Building Platform, Odyssey XI ensures increased efficiency and productivity for any size enterprise.

Unleash the newest member of the Odyssey family and be amazed at what’s packed inside.
Pantheon is proud to present Odyssey XI with these additional new capabilities…

Image highlighting Odyssey's UI and Dashboard

UI & Dashboard

Simplified, Responsive UI & Dashboard.

Access your Odyssey dashboard anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our simplified, redesigned HTML-5 based UI and Dashboard means that Odyssey can be adapted to all of your needs and devices, at your convenience, to help you perform tasks, transactions and process your requests quickly and efficiently.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Build Essential and Device Agnostic Apps

Business Apps

Build Essential, Device Agnostic Apps.

Using a graphical, no-code approach, you don’t need programming knowledge to create your apps. Build mini-apps to manage existing data as well as legacy apps. Bootstrap brand new apps with charts, tables and spreadsheet like interfaces. Convert your existing investments in applications and products for the web and device world by providing simplified interfaces to navigate complex processes.

Form Designer

Image highlighting Odyssey's Modern and Reimagined Form Designer

Modern, Reimagined Form Designer.

Offering greater ease of use and UI responsiveness, create multi-section layouts, choose from predefined layouts formats, drag and drop entire sections, add any number of conditional parameters and more. Our Forms and Dashboards are now AJAX enabled to prevent visible refreshes to help keep you focused and avoid interruptions.

Project Editing & Debugging

Image highlighting Odyssey's Effortless Project Editing and Debugging

Effortless Project Editing & Debugging.

Significantly improve the productivity of your users creating and editing projects by allowing them to import and export Basic and Workflow projects along with all the associated project-related information. Task editing is even faster and smoother in Quick Edit mode. Debugging has never been easier – the Project Watcher allows on-the-fly debugging during testing and midflight property changes to observe behavioral changes. All of these amazing enhancements make app and project building a snap!

Image highlighting Odyssey's Advanced Tasks

Advanced Tasks

Powerful Advanced Tasks.

Do more with less with the concept of Native Tasks and Functions. Use Native Tasks to popup errors, warnings, messages, and dialog boxes. Create libraries of functions that can be called from multiple events. Use Data Selectors as tasks in events and functions so information can be collected and processed before being displayed to users. Properties can be added or edited at any point in the project wizard from the task, property, detail or any other panel.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Properties


A New Approach to Properties.

The property panel of the Project Edit Wizard has been redesigned for ease of use and UI responsiveness with added recognizable UI widgets – create, update or delete properties without exiting the Form Designer. The attribute sheet has been redesigned for each property in the Form designer to support even more UI features.


Blazing Fast Speed & Performance.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Blazing Fast Speed and Performance

You know Odyssey to be fast – and now we’ve made it even faster. Overall system performance has increased by streamlining communications, optimizing caching and loading algorithms, operational memory consumption is reduced and form launches and refreshes are faster than ever. Our entire system is redesigned to take advantage of modern browser efficiencies to provide a precise and smooth user experience. This will be the fastest Odyssey experience you have ever had!

Image highlighting Odyssey's Web Services

Web Services

Comprehensive Web Services.

REST assured – Odyssey is online and here to help! The Odyssey web services interface (REST) is greatly improved. Calling or invoking an Odyssey Project through REST is more robust and flexible. REST invocations return XML/JSON data that can be parsed out by the caller.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Online Resources

Online Resources

Valuable Online Help.

Our Online Help is incorporated into the product, replacing the earlier PDF models. Search our expansive Online Help across an extensive variety of product guides, tutorials and best practice guides with example based and detailed use cases.

System Projects

Ultra-Productive New System Projects.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Ultra-Productive New System Projects

A new class feature introduced in Odyssey XI are Odyssey System Projects. These versatile new Projects are vital in accomplishing workflows specific to Odyssey cluster, maintenance, upgrade and a host of other activities. Work smarter, not harder. We always believed in automation, now we have upped the ante in what we do with the power it delivers.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Cutting-Edge New Task Agent Types

Task Agents

Cutting-Edge New Task Agent Types.

The second new class feature introduced in Odyssey XI are powerful and cutting-edge Odyssey Task Agents. Some of the new Task Agents require no installation on a host environment and are auto provisioned from the moment they are installed on a server.

Image highlighting Odyssey's Sharp New Themes, Skins and Templates


Sharp New Themes, Skins & Templates.

Odyssey XI brings out our classic as well as vividly fresh and new customizable themes, skins and standard templates. As in previous Odyssey versions, all are customizable to reflect your corporate and business brands, logos, and trademarks.


130+ Impressive New Features.

Image highlighting Odyssey's 130+ Impressive New Features

We continue to pack Odyssey with extensive and innovative features and this release is no different – with over 130+ new and improved features, there are solutions to any problem you may encounter. As highlighted, nearly all Odyssey components – Properties, Tasks, Projects and Workflows – all received significant upgrades.

And So Much More…*

We cannot put all the new features into these few pages. You have to see and experience it to fully grasp what we promise will be the finest Odyssey experience you have ever had!

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